How did we choose our name?

When we first started our small home bakery we used the name, The Traditional Cupcake Company. This was borne out of the necessity to have a name for our little business when we first dipped a toe in the water and the fact that we made, cupcakes. As we have evolved we have added more to our product lines and wanted a new name to reflect the fact we have grown into something more than just cupcakes.

We tried various different names and then settled on Florence & May, the names of two of our much-beloved grandmothers.

Samantha was born and bred in Cheshire and was fortunate enough to live next door to her maternal grandparents until she was 10. She was actually born in the house next door to them and they both played a major role in her life. May, her nana, used to do a lot of home cooking and baking, and it was in those early years, where she would sit with her nana whilst she baked bread, scones and cakes, where her love of baking and cooking started. Samantha then chose to continue her love of all things kitchen by studying Domestic Science at school. She has always enjoyed cooking for people and this has naturally continued throughout her life, culminating in the business being founded.

Mike's gran, Florence, was always baking. Every visit to see her would mean pots of tea and homemade cakes. Florence lived to be 100 and baked almost daily up until she was 98. Even into her 90's Florence would be baking for the 'old people' in their 60's & 70's, who were less able than her, and who she would go and visit every week.

The traditional methods we use come directly from our grandmothers, we only wish they were still here to see what an inspiration they have always been to us.

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