Our standard products are made using a wheat based flour, our gluten free products are made using a gluten free flour (obviously).

We make all our products in the same kitchen but we make sure our gluten free products are made separately from our standard products and ensure that the appropriate cleaning procedures are in place at all times.

We don’t use any nuts in our products but our home cannot be classed as a 100% nut free environment. We use nut flavouring for some of our products, these flavourings do not contain any nuts, yes really!

Our products do not contain any alcohol, unless they are specifically ordered with alcohol.

Our products contain dairy products so are not suitable for people with lactose allergies or intolerance. We do make dairy free products though, so please just get in touch if you require any of these.

We use fresh eggs from chickens that roam free in our garden in our products whenever possible.

Some of the colouring we use on our cupcakes contain colours from the 'Southampton Six', but we are actively working towards removing these from our ingredients.

If you have a concern about a specific allergy that we have not covered and you are unsure about, please contact us directly, we are always happy to help.

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